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Great Migration: after Brockman, Altman too leaves OpenAI for Microsoft

22 November 2023


As we already mention in our former article, on the weekend before Thanksgiving, OpenAI fired, without explanation, one of its founders: Sam Altman. Prior to him, former president and co-founder of the company, Greg Brockman, also left the company that oversees Chat GPT. To unite the two is not only the company of origin, but also those who welcomed them after: Microsoft, the largest investor of OpenAI with a share of 49%.

OpenAI loses pieces: many threaten to follow Altman to Microsoft

As we learn from a social message published by Altman himself, the founder of OpenAI, after the dismissal, will join the Microsoft team. But there is more: he would have been put in charge of a project on artificial intelligence that will count on many workers, including the other former Greg Brockman.
But the real problem is that Brockman and Altman may not be the only ones to leave OpenAI. According to RaiNews, in fact, many employees of the company, learned the news of the removal of the two and their transfer to Microsoft, they would sign an open letter with the purpose of requesting the reinstatement of the two founders under threat of mass resignation.

OpenAI’s reaction to the transfer of Altman and Brockman to Microsoft

The threat would be followed by concrete actions with three other experienced researchers who would leave the company. This reaction would have pushed even more OpenAI staff to openly take a stand against the board, first with a series of retweets of Altman messages and then with the letter to the board that is accused of "jeopardized all the work done" and "not being clearly able to handle OpenAI"
"Your conduct - you still read in the note - clearly shows that you don’t have the expertise to drive OpenAI. Microsoft assured us that there are positions for all OpenAI employees in the new division in case we decide to join".

Signatories to the letter

Among the signatories of the letter to the Board, in addition to the employees, the names of:

  • Ilya Sutskever, who informed Altman of his dismissal;
  • Mira Murati, appointed interim CEO after Altman’s dismissal and already replaced with Emmet Shear.

According to RaiNews, even some of the investors of the company would move to resolve the situation and push for the reintegration of all fired, including Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. In the meantime, all the parties in the game are tweeting and are still stirring things up.

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